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Every day millions of our dollars are being sucked into a country whose government desires no less than the destruction of the United States.
It's time to put this to a stop.

Please check out my campaign to tag items sold on Amazon that are made in communist china.

I'm sorry to announce that until further notice, I cannot send out any more free "Boycott China" bumper stickers.  My finacial situation just does not allow me to spend the money at this time.  I  have sent out over 1000 stickers since starting this site and I appreciate the support that people have shown.  Maybe someday I can again resume sending out the stickers.  I know that some of you are probably waiting for stickers, but I have run out and cannot get any more at this time.  Please accept my apologies for this.

Please send your comments to ( Make sure you include the words "Boycott China" in the subject line, or else it will be automatically deleted by my spam filters and I will not see it!!! )  Let me know what you think of the site, and if there is anything else you'd like to see here.  Thanks!

I must admit that I am impressed that Obama went ahead and met with the Dalai Lama even with all the bitching that china is making about it.

Steve writes:

" FYI - has stopped listing the country of origin in their product details information. Until recently (past 2 weeks), every item description had the manufacturing nation/country disclosed. It appears that Amazon has positioned itself as anti-consumer when it comes to allowing us to make an informed purchasing decision."

Thanks for writing Steve!  A shame that Amazon would do this.

Now we have Obama trying to deal with the chinese and it looks like he's just as bad as the previous crop of idiots.  Bowing and kowtowing to the muderous thugs.  Begging them to keep buying our debt while we keep buying their crap.  As with all of his other promises, the one to bring back jobs to the US and crack down on companies moving overseas was just a smokescreen.  All of his promises have an experation date and this one expired one day after the election.

I've been very depressed with the situation recently.  This probably shows in the pathetic effort I've been making to keep this page updated.  I've got a newborn and that is taking a lot of my time up as well, but at least that's happy time spent. :)  I'm very discouraged whenever I go shopping for him though.  I hand made his crib and other furniture because all I could find was MiC.  Clothes are hard but there are some non-MiC items out there.  Trying to find a plush toy that is not MiC has proved to be impossible.  I have found some nice wood toys that are made in Germany.  When it comes time to get shoes for him I don't know what I'm going to do as they are all MiC (or vietnam, which I also don't buy).  Maybe I can learn to be a cobbler?

A note on childrens clothes and accessories.  I'd like to say thanks to the Gerber company for having quite a bit of their products not made in china.  I'm not saying that all of the items they have are not MiC, but at least some of them are not.  As opposed to companies like Carters, whom all of their products I have seen are MiC.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help in general, and a couple for me in particular.

1:  Pass the word to the people you know.  Family and friends.

2:  Let shopkeepers know when you do not buy a product because it's made in china.

3:  Write to your local paper.  Letters to the editor or complete articles for those who have the time.

4:  I'm trying to find out how much support there would be for a Federal law, the Online Consumers Protection Act ( OCPA ).  This would require that online retailers state the specific country of origin for all products they sell online.

5:  If you buy products online from Amazon, and they arrive and you see that they are made in china, please go to Amazon and tag the item "made in communist china".  This way people that make use of the tagging system can see which products are made there.  If you know certain products that are made there and are available on Amazon ( such as the iPod, Playstation, XBox and so on ) then you can go to Amazon's web page and tag the item, even if you didn't buy it from Amazon.  Please help!  The more people that add this tag, the more effective it will be!

Last Updated Feb 18th, 2010

Before you get the wrong idea, I have nothing against the chinese people.  I've met and known some really nice chinese people.  The problem is the group of butchers that have all of the power, and they're damn determined to keep it and expand it out as much as possible, no matter what it takes.

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